IX Moscow International Conference on Operations Research

IX Moscow International Conference on Operations Research (ORM2018-Germeyer100)
Moscow, October 22-27, 2018

Topics of the conference and Coordinators

Topics of the conference Coordinators
Hierarchical games and the theory of active systems; V.N. Burkov, F.I. Ereshko, N.M. Novikova
Discrete optimization problems; M.G. Furugyan
Continuous optimization problems; A.F. Izmailov
Multiple objective decision making; A.V. Lotov, V.V. Podinovskiy
Improper optimization problems; V.A. Gorelik, M.Yu. Hachay
OR in economics; I.G. Pospelov
Markets and auctions: analysis and design; A.A. Vasin, F.T. Aleskerov
OR in military and computer-aided design; Yu.A. Flerov
OR in finance and banking; F.I. Ereshko, D.Yu. Golembiovskiy
OR in insurance and risk-management; D.V. Denisov
OR in biology, medicine, physics and ecology;  A.A. Belolipetskiy, N.V. Belotelov
Game-theoretic models; N.S. Kukushkin, V.V. Morozov
Analysis of political processes and corruption; A.A. Vasin, F.T. Aleskerov
The typical models for congested traffic; A.V. Gasnikov
Asymptotic analysis of complex stochastic systems. L.G. Afanasyeva, E.V. Bulinskaya, E.B. Yarovaya